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Kaspersky IT Security survey: “Fighting the Silent threat”

Kaspersky PDF download link



Highest threat(2013 survey) is malware or viruses. , the next threats come to Spam, and phishing attacks.

Network intrusion or hacking is 4th, then after that theft of mobile devices and then Denial Of Service attacks.

One can boil the survey down to the following:

Virus, malware, and phishing attacks coming in through Spam.

While Network intrusion and Denial of Service is next on the threat-meter.

Losing mobile devices to theft comes next.


Why discuss this at all? it seems that all of these answers are common sense.

even though each survey answer is understandable, it is good to know what is happening in other companies.

Plus one can budget resources appropriately.


If you ask me though, Anti-virus and anti-malware tools are a must, so once you have them the next point of order is to have more people working on the intrusion detection/ and denial of service attack vector.

Putting some resources into anti-theft technologies is also important.


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