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Security Video Show

We have a youtube channel "ctitek" where we upload our videos created.

Also created a Rumble channel "fixvirus"

Another Rumble video on 4/30, it is about the copy culture in China.

here is first rumble video posted here:

Rumble Link this video is about some new revelation about the SolarWinds Hack

Another show Premieres 4/16/21 Youtube link about 3 items - threat actors, EOL (End of Life) patching, and security policy

New show finally 4/9/21  fixvirus Show  Youtube link about my new book and discussing why some people do not pay attention to #cybersecurity.

The latest fixvirus installment on the Inside and Out show (radio show on from 6/11/20.

Added video (4/28/20) the C'mon man edition about the Oversitesentry blogpost.

Fixvirus show April 28th

Added video  (4/15/20) RCE Edition  about the Oversitesentry RCE blogpost

Fixvirus show  April 15th

Added a new video(4/1/20) about the newest blogpost in Oversitesentry:

What are Some Current Phishing Scams to Look Out for?

a bit older show 3/18/20:

Why is there higher risk tolerance in Cybersecurity than COVID-19?

Finally adding some more content here is the Dec11 show on PCI compliance:



Why spend time on Security?  Security does not add value to the company, people, or product. But if you don't have it 20% of businesses have shut down when nobody paid attention.

2/5/2016  New Video about the blogpost Cyber Neighborhoods and how much time to spend on Cyber initiatives.

1/7/2016 Video about Tony Zafiropoulos background a little bout him. ethical question - Is it ethical for Certified Ethical hacker to fix the security problems noted? No - Filotimo - The friend of Honor - Do the right thing - I will never release any information on any of my clients.

1/6/2016 Ransom32 a new Ransomware and its effects - new year show kickoff

3/12/2015  We are Cyberstruck and #Rowhammer problem.

3/5/2015  We must UP our #cybersecurity   Also Polliwall - tip of day

2/26/2015  Privacy-NetNeutrality plus improving Cybersecurity

2/19/2015  EquationGroup malware hacks Hard drive firmware and how to protect your network against any and all malware.

2/12/2015 Special edition - only discusses what a Fixvirus ethical hacker does

2/12/2015 news: Patch tuesday with several Remote code execution flaws at Microsoft. Tip: create a Six Sigma security environment by using testing

2/4/2015 News: Ransomware on your customers placed there from your webservers.  risk Managment has failed -Tipof Day : test your systems.

1/29/2015 Ghost vulnerability plus email account hacking and how to protect.

1/27/2015  QWERTY keylogger - Philotimo and PCI compliance.

1/20/2015   #OpFrance DOS attacks on French websites and Sigma Scan

Added a video on SVAPE & C only:  Scan - Vulnerability Analysis - Penetrate  Exploit & Control

1/15/2015  State of the Union: Cybersecurity has priority - Alpha Scan explanation.

1/9/2015  CES Show -FTC chairwoman comments - more vulnerability assessment explanation

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