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Security Video Show

We have a youtube channel "ctitek" where we upload our videos created.


New Video - for 2017 will try and get quarterly videos out.


Why spend time on Security?  Security does not add value to the company, people, or product. But if you don't have it 20% of businesses have shut down when nobody paid attention.

2/5/2016  New Video about the blogpost Cyber Neighborhoods and how much time to spend on Cyber initiatives.

1/7/2016 Video about Tony Zafiropoulos background a little bout him. ethical question - Is it ethical for Certified Ethical hacker to fix the security problems noted? No - Filotimo - The friend of Honor - Do the right thing - I will never release any information on any of my clients.

1/6/2016 Ransom32 a new Ransomware and its effects - new year show kickoff

3/12/2015  We are Cyberstruck and #Rowhammer problem.

3/5/2015  We must UP our #cybersecurity   Also Polliwall - tip of day

2/26/2015  Privacy-NetNeutrality plus improving Cybersecurity

2/19/2015  EquationGroup malware hacks Hard drive firmware and how to protect your network against any and all malware.

2/12/2015 Special edition - only discusses what a Fixvirus ethical hacker does

2/12/2015 news: Patch tuesday with several Remote code execution flaws at Microsoft. Tip: create a Six Sigma security environment by using testing

2/4/2015 News: Ransomware on your customers placed there from your webservers.  risk Managment has failed -Tipof Day : test your systems.

1/29/2015 Ghost vulnerability plus email account hacking and how to protect.

1/27/2015  QWERTY keylogger - Philotimo and PCI compliance.

1/20/2015   #OpFrance DOS attacks on French websites and Sigma Scan

Added a video on SVAPE & C only:  Scan - Vulnerability Analysis - Penetrate  Exploit & Control


1/15/2015  State of the Union: Cybersecurity has priority - Alpha Scan explanation.

1/9/2015  CES Show -FTC chairwoman comments - more vulnerability assessment explanation

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