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We are all about Information Technology security as from 2011 until mid-2014 we worked on large enterprise environments (Pfizer and Savvis) in Security operations in Saint Louis Area.

Security operations controls the good and bad  network traffic using IPS systems that create a network of protection against malware and other attacks on the network.

We have worked on various security compliance projects (PCI compliance and security policy writing). we have done some alpha scans for various companies in St. Louis area. And some outside of this area (as the Internet is global in nature)

We do not go into details of any security project with others, before we start a project you are asked to sign a permission statement (which notes that we are allowed a time that we can scan or probe your network).  In this permission statement we also note that we will keep all information we find under strict secrecy.  You will not see any testimonials on this site, as the whole purpose of a security scan is to make your profile lower. Not higher by noting it was just scanned.

Security work is tricky, contact us to discuss this.

Tony Zafiropoulos has been running since 1995, with hundreds of projects, systems configurations and more.   See full Bio at

More general information:

IBM Proventia IPS system

Some of the equipment list that we worked on includes: IBM Proventia IPS systems, Cisco network gear, Windows Servers, Linux systems, System administration with Security focus.

Serversincage  A computer rack in a secure environment.


virtualmachine   Don’t forget “cloud systems” (virtual environments)



Starting 2013 computer network security for smaller entities is the focus. is the Security Blog where we simplify security testing options.

With Oversitesentry  I am working on standardizing security testing giving customers a less expensive option of security testing, by standardizing testing.


My SVAPE& Control  is an attack methodology explanation.  Here is a video from my youtube channel that describes SVAPE & Control


Security Policies are important pieces in protecting your network, since the weakest link are the human beings themselves and these humans need direction and communication for cybersecurity to be done correctly.

youtube channel “ctitek” where we upload our videos.




The security testing methodology

We test and audit your environment to make you safer using 3 types of scans   (A – Σ – Ω).


Located in Manchester, MO we have set up Alpha and Sigma Security Services in the Greater Saint Louis Metro area.

Also I am of Greek ancestry – part of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church – come to our festival 🙂 There is an interesting Greek cultural heritage you may not know:  Philotimo Φιλοτιμο. Wikepedia entry  – “Philotimo is considered to be the highest of all Greek virtues which determines and regulates how someone should behave in their family and social groups. In its simplest form it means “doing good”, and it ensures your behavior will make you stand out from others”

My translation: to help others as I would want them to help me.

I can only hope to aspire as the others before me, but I am trying to use my talent from God to solve this Cyber security riddle that companies have.

Also an apt Youtube video (regarding ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ)


Certified Ethical Hacker certification – V8  (Windows8 and Windows2012 included)  is good until February 2017.

 Alpha(A) service gives a basic vulnerability assessment.

Sigma(Σ) adds additional website assessment tools to the (A).

Omega(Ω) has both (A and Σ) and additional custom security capabilities. Is there to make security easier to understand.


Contact us to find out if I am a fit for your project:  tonyz “@”

Phone: 314-504-3974

View Tony Zafiropoulos's profile on LinkedIn   Tony’s resume