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About US – Full story

Tony Zafiropoulos has been self-employed ( since 1999, with hundreds of projects, systems configurations and more.

CISA Certified (ISACA organization) as of 06/19/24

Certified Information Systems Auditor®

(picture is from the early 2000’s )


In the late 90’s placed companies on the Internet for the first time (Huntleigh Financial Services).

In early 2000’s helped some efforts:

Moved a company (Smith Moore & Co) from 2 offices to one(Saint Louis Area), No errors 1 minor oversight which was corrected quickly, the end result no loss of business or functionality (project Management and business acumen) while moving 70 some computers and servers.

Transferred a flat file database structure to a SQL database, a typical ETL (Extract Transform Load) project. Hired and tested the programmer to perform the function within tight time and budget constraints. (Brennan Tools – Saint Louis the owner retired and closed company)

Moved back office programs from Phase3 to Thomson Financial, we had to go from a real-time trade execution to batch file execution. Developed the confirm technology with a sharp Perl programmer. Led the effort in the shortest time ever says Thomson Financial (also for Smith, Moore & co – In Saint Louis, Jefferson City, and Columbia, MO) – More project management skills as well as leading an agile programming methodology. Had to help in the printing testing and other methods.

I have many other examples from earlier in my career.


But this company today is about security. In the last 10 years I have worked on contracts for large enterprise environments (Pfizer and Savvis) where I supported upgrading IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) from IBM (Proventia). I upgraded over 50 systems working with Network, onsite and firewall teams. The IPS systems create a network of protection against malware and other attacks on the Pfizer network.

IBM Proventia IPS systems, Cisco network gear, Windows Servers, Linux systems, System administration with Security focus, all I have worked on.

At Savvis (Saint Louis, MO) I helped change ACL’s (Access Control Lists)


Starting 2013 computer network security is the focus. is the Security Blog where I write about technical details and more regarding a variety of cybersecurity issues. including how AI will affect cybersecurity.

I am building a security testing methodology

We test and audit your environment to make you safer with our 4 security service products: A(Alpha), Σ(Sigma)Ω(Omega), and Ψ(Psi)  — these are basic services and you may need custom testing.

Tony’s phone number: 314-504-3974

Located in the Greater Saint Louis Metro area.

Also I am of Greek ancestry – part of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church – come to our festival  There is an interesting Greek cultural heritage you may not know:  PhilotimoΦιλοτιμο. Wikepedia entry  – “Philotimo is considered to be the highest of all Greek virtues which determines and regulates how someone should behave in their family and social groups. In its simplest form it means “doing good”, and it ensures your behavior will make you stand out from others”

My translation: to help others as I would want them to help me.

I can only hope to aspire as others before me, but I am trying to use my talent from God to solve this Cyber security riddle that companies have.

Also an apt Youtube video (regarding ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ)



Contact us to discuss Governance and other projects


Taught SEC020 and SEC030 at the old CAIT Center for Application of Information Technology (Off-campus at the old Famous-Barr building)

then Professional Education Technology and Leadership Center.  And now it is:    the Technology & Leadership Center (TLCenter) at Washington University in St. Louis


Certified Ethical Hacker certification – V8  (Windows8 and Windows2012 included) until Feb 2017

Funny how Windows versions change but don’t change – Today Microsoft wised up and just calls it Win10/Win11, Although the servers still have the years on them.


I did pass the CISA – (Certified Information Systems Auditor) test , now am waiting for the review of my experience by ISACA.

Member of ISACA (ISACA® is a nonprofit, independent association that advocates for professionals involved in information security, assurance, risk management and governance.)

Current picture


The following service products would give you an understanding of what we do.

 Alpha(A) service gives a basic vulnerability assessment.

Sigma(Σ) adds additional website assessment tools to the (A).

Omega(Ω) has both (A and Σ) and additional custom security capabilities.

Ψ(Psi) service is the wifi auditing service – where we can review your wifi setup. Is there to make security easier to understand.


Here is some info about an older project Tony Zafiropoulos was on:

Whereas Tonis Zafiropoulos, E.I.T., dutifully and meritoriously performed in the position of Co-Chairman, MSPE Information Technology Task Force.

Wheras: you have gone the EXTRA MILE for the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers in your endeavors, and its members are exceedingly grateful and wish to recognize the achievements you have made on their behalf.

This award was given because we(other co-chair was Bob Becnel) talked the MSPE organization into grabbing the domain name back in the mid nineties (1996 or so). As you can see is Missouri not MN, or MD, or MS.


Phone: 314-504-3974