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In business since 1995 as IT consultant – Systems Engineer

My education is as a Systems engineer (and is in my Blood 🙂


What is a systems engineer?

Applied Mathematics as well as engineering.


What sets Systems Engineering apart from standard IT?


Notice the Waterfall approach in software development (I worked at as software company before starting my business in 1995) the Analysis comes before Design and then development and then testing.


Now Systems engineering approach:


From University of Arizona:

Notice the basic closed feedback loop:



Which I studied intimately.

The similarity of a closed feedback loop and Agile Programming methodologies are uncanny.


This is why I was able to pick up Agile Programming methods(in late 90’s), as it  is very similar to a closed feedback loop in Systems Engineering.

So why are we discussing this?


It is because I am trying to create a Closed Feedback loop for the CEO/CFO

Customer needs are input into the “Company system”- IT department/ IT Security  and products get created.

Fixvirus will test and let the IT department know how to fix, while writing the report for the CEO/CFO.


Contact Tony Zafiropoulos 314-504-3974 to discuss your testing needs.


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