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Violent Python is a book by TJ. O’Connor.

It is interesting how Python can use nmap and other opensource tools (metasploit) to probe and review computer systems.

Assessing Website structures, network infrastructure, and overall reviews of technology (wifi and anything computer related).

The key with staying secure on the Internet is:  Update your software, keep systems up-to-date, close software and ports that are not needed.

Be vigilant perform unique tests on your forms and SQL command structures, you will only know that your data will not be compromised when you test. Having an independent person try things to break and gt by your security is the only way to be more secure.

Not just the shield, but we will help you Oversite your IT department.

We are helping simplify security, helping you oversee your security exposure, security profile.

There are a lot of options to discuss, we can help you oversee ( firewall configuration, network security, anti-virus setup.

This is a dangerous time as a business - trying to provide services for your customers while controlling security exposures to a risk level that is not dangerous.

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