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On radio Wed 11am – 11:30am KXEN 9/2014

In the on air interview I discussed a kickstarter project on a book, but that did not go anywhere in time (as Stan Fine thought so) anyway kickstarters on books do not seem to work unless already written.

The KXEN station:

KXEN Radio is located in St. Louis Missouri and ranks 30th out of 200 local radio stations, 
and transmits over 50,000 Watts that reaches 100 miles in all directions.

The radio show ended and the mp3 file of the show is here 

The businessinandout radio program is no longer on the air.


After this radio show Dr. Stan Fine left the radio program and is now retired (he has some health problems). He might have had 1 or 2 more shows before retiring in 2014 winter.

This post was updated – 6/30/2016

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