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We do not guarantee you will not get hacked

I am not sure if anyone is saying this -but there are no guarantees on the Internet.

We will be honest with you and tell you straight facts even to our detriment

Old attacks still come at you… here is a site from 1998:

– Bouncing through previously compromised hosts via. telnet or rsh.
– Bouncing through windows hosts via. Wingates.
– Bouncing through hosts using misconfigured proxies.


this is also known as hackers using “zombie” computers to attack you.

Zombies are computers that have been compromised and thus will be used by the bad hackers to attack your computers.

There are no guarantees in the security field, as tomorrow can bring a new vulnerability, or an old one is now potent again. The patching and testing never ends, one has to do it to stem the tide. Systems configured correctly?  We may have tested your environment, you  may have fixed the problems we mentioned, but tomorrow is another day and something happens out of your control and causes a weak link to be hacked.

What can be done?

You have to have a Risk analysis and go from there – contact Me to discuss:

Tony Zafiropoulos 314-504-3974  email tonyz”@”

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