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National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has new standards

NIST has a computer Security division and they have revamped their

The On-line Database: Access and Control policy and procedures

There are many good areas to review in this website, including:

Don’t forget the home workers:

An important part of telework and remote access security is applying security measures to the personal computers (PC) and consumer devices using the same wired and wireless home networks to which the telework device normally connects. If any of these other devices become infected with malware or are otherwise compromised, they could attack the telework device or eavesdrop on its communications. Teleworkers should also be cautious about allowing others to place devices on the teleworkers’ home networks, in case one of these devices is compromised.

Teleworkers should also apply security measures to the home networks to which their telework devices normally connect. One example of a security measure is using a broadband router or firewall appliance to prevent computers outside the home network from initiating communications with telework devices on the home network. Another example is ensuring that sensitive information transmitted over a wireless home network is adequately protected through strong encryption
Anybody that connects to your network can cause unforeseen mayhem.
In Computer Security  there is a method we use to get better security.
After a security policy or method is instituted it must be tested using an independent thought (red team- versus blue team). This methodology is used to create a stronger and more effective defense of network assets.
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