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Why patch Tuesday is so important

On patch Tuesday Microsoft has decided to roll up all the vulnerabilities found in the last month on one day, otherwise as each vulnerability gets created and fixed there would be many of them spaced out in a month and it thus becomes unmanageable in an enterprise environment(at more than 1000’s of computers).  On March 2014 nakedsecurity says there are 5 bulletins, with 2 critical, and even  Mac)


So with patch Tuesday at Microsoft the other vendors with vulnerabilities have also instituted a release time in the month of their patches, causing the date of the month: “2nd Tuesday” a prominence in the calendar.  IT departments everywhere are working around the new vulnerability patch releases and their resulting fixes.

We at are frequently tasked to ensure patches have been installed and do provide security capabilities by using our

Alpha(A), Sigma(Σ), and Omega(Ω) scans.

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