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What About Password Managers?

Yes you should use password managers, long passwords over short complex as you see below’s XKCD famous image. we discussed in our blog oversitesentry before:

It is useful to review the latest info on length of passwords:

But what about the password manager? How should you use it exactly? Do you let it pre-fill the password and username in your browser?

If you do you may be making it easier for a hacker to grab your information if they are on your system according to marektoth. As he says specifically:

Most password managers have the autofill feature enabled by default, even though it reduces the security of the stored password.

If a user uses the default configuration or follows the password manager’s recommendation, it is possible to steal the saved login credentials from 11 of the 16 tested browsers and password managers in one mouse click. So the database/password on the website doesn’t have to be leaked, and the attacker still gets your data – all in readable and unencrypted form (in plaintext).

I am always looking for more information that changes the current cybersecurity landscape in case we need to change our TTP (Tactics Techniques and Procedures) so as to help us defend from the criminal hackers.

So change your TTP everyone – and do not pre-fill !!!

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