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Fixvirus Security Show – NextGen FireWall (NGFW)

We are discussing in news of day – the sad story of retailers not having proper cyber security from Sophos survey:  A lot of retailers do not know or have not for some reason implemented up-to-date cyber security implementations,


Here are some startling statistics.


  • 87 per cent of UK retailers are confident that they have adequate cyber security in place to prevent malicious data breaches
  • 72 per cent of UK retailers admit they have not implemented basic encryption security to safeguard business and consumer data
  • 14 per cent of UK retailers admit to not having the expertise necessary to implement basic cyber security measures
  • 40 per cent of UK retailers acknowledge they don’t know why they haven’t implemented basic cyber security measures
  • Only 2 per cent have a comprehensive unified threat management capability in place
  • 77 per cent rely only on perimeter-based protection such as firewalls and 33 per cent on anti-virus
  • Only 67 per cent of those who have fallen victim in the past have plans in place to further secure their IT system in the future


It is no wonder that the quote is:

“It won’t happen to me”  Mr. Ostrich says as it buries head in sand.


We can help with a new cyber strategy for 2015.

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