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“Too Late You’re Hacked” Book Info

The Guidebook to “Too Late You’re Hacked” is now out (as of September 11th, 2023). It will help you digest my first book by the following 5 examples – and here is the – link to buy the guidebook!

  • Phishing emails
  • Tips and Tricks to save your data
  • Ransomware Prevention techniques
  • Backups are important – why?
  • Social Engineering Attack Examples

The Book Will Help You Defend Your Computers:

Online Crooks Thought They Could Destroy Me. Until They Failed to Hack My Computer!

The Critical Cyber Security Mistake Your Computer Network Cannot Afford to Make


Keeping your website and computer network safe and secure is a matter of life or death (for your business.)

When your business relies on one or more computers to run smoothly, providing vital protection from hackers is a must.

If you are using well-known cybersecurity software, that’s an excellent first step – but it’s not enough security.

Going to bed at night feeling completely confident that your computer system is 100% protected against computer hackers requires more than just downloading a popular cybersecurity software and calling it a day. 

Too many American businesses get extorted by hackers every single day.

These criminals are typically thousands of miles away in various countries like Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea.

Wherever these “black hats” work from – it doesn’t matter.

In Libya, a computer hacker can easily break into a small business computer in Peoria, Illinois, and steal every dime from that business overnight.

Or, a computer hacker in Sweden can wipe out a small business in Baltimore by locking up their computer network and then demanding $50,000 to “unlock” your own business.

These crimes occur through something called ransomware, and it happens more than you may realize.

For example – a well-known snack company got hit recently with a ransomware attack on their IT systems.

The hackers who targeted this business began threatening to release information stolen from the company’s IT systems, bullying this company into making a payment to the hackers so they would graciously decrypt the company’s files so it could continue operating.

How kind of them. (That was sarcasm.)

Think about all the hard work your business has put in to build trust between you and your customers – and then one day, some criminal enterprise publishes your customers’ personal information online.

Would that scenario damage your customers’ trust in your business?

You can see how destructive getting hacked is for large businesses – it’s even worse for small businesses.

Most small business owners know very little about IT (Information Technology.) They are experts at what they do – running a coffee house, selling supplements, planning weddings – whatever business they run.

But they don’t have time to become cyber security experts.

Most small business owners can’t afford a team of IT professionals to keep their computer network protected from cyber criminals, either.

Throwing up a firewall is not enough.

No matter how recent or new your cyber security might be, online thieves continuously look for the latest weak point to exploit.

Hackers eventually find a way to work around your security network.

Sometimes at breakneck speed.

You may keep up with your cyber security software updates, but those aren’t always fast enough.

Anyone Can Be a Cyber Criminal These Days

You may picture a cyber criminal as an expert coder – someone with a high level of technical expertise who can jump on any laptop and hack into a business.

However, today’s online gangster does not fit that description.

Or, at least you are not required to be a computer expert.

Let me explain…

Many cyber criminals out there extorting small businesses went shopping on what’s called the “dark web” to put their scheme together.

You see, a criminal can browse the dark web and buy everything they need without doing any coding:

— bad guys can buy the ransomware virus that shuts down your computer network without having to create it

— these criminals can also buy expertly crafted phishing pages that fools people into giving over their personal information

— plus, they can buy an extortion email that is proven to prompt people to respond and hand over their money to the criminals

You get the picture. Pretty much every form of crime under the sun is available for purchase on the dark web.

That is why criminal behavior online continues to skyrocket – putting small businesses like yours in jeopardy.

Sadly, many businesses attacked by cyber criminals go out of business within six months. Don’t let your business be the next victim!

Here’s How to Stop Hackers Before They Destroy Your Business

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you knew with 100% confidence that your computer network was secure?

My book provides that and more – the secrets cyber criminals use to hack your business.

Imagine using your business computers feeling confident and empowered – focused on growing your business with zero anxiety around your computer transactions.

Hi, I’m Tony Zafiropoulos, the author of Too Late, You’re Hacked! – Defending Your Small Business’ Computers and Networks

The Above image is the top of the MediaKit pdf AuthorTonyZafiropulosMediaKit2022.pdf

For 30+ years, I have worked as an IT professional in various roles with global corporations and medium to small local businesses.

My experience includes managing multiple Intrusion Prevention systems as a Security Analyst and Project Managed Intrusion Prevention systems for a company you may have heard of: Pfizer.

As an independent cybersecurity expert – I have seen a lot and have plenty of valuable knowledge to share with business owners regarding cyber security.

In my book, I dive into the “psychology of security,” along with many tactics and tips on untangling hacker attacks and fortifying your computer network with bulletproof security.

My book is helping people already, and below you will see some of their feedback.

Once you get this book in your hands, the information inside can be applied immediately. You will be able to read this book in a couple of sittings.

One chapter delves into the shady underworld of the black hat hackers causing all this mayhem.  

Also, there is a chapter on Compliance and Laws, covering necessary regulations like HIPPA and PCI compliance.

You will also find chapters of information on:

  • Small Business Risk Management (Current Methods)
  • Cloud Computers
  • Cybersecurity – Vulnerabilities and Patching
  • General Security – Managing Risks, Pathetic Passwords
  • PCI DSS Standard
  • Future Technology Game Changers
  • Cybersecurity Truths
Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Issues

When looking for a practical book that explains cybersecurity for small business owners – there is little information that isn’t filled with complicated material and IT jargon.

This book speaks to business owners and early-stage IT professionals.

After reading this book, you will…

  • Have a plan to combat the constant attacks and vulnerabilities that come at your online business every month
  • Understand and overcome the “Psychology of Security” that hinders your cybersecurity
  • Better understand “vulnerability management”

In closing, let me repeat how highly I recommend this book, which isn’t surprising since I’m the author! LOL

You don’t have to take my word only for endorsing this book. Here are some reviews I have received from people who have read this book.

BOOK is available from the publisher at Publishing Concepts bookstore Ebook and Paperback versions: And from Amazon with the Paperback version only! BUY THE BOOK HERE!

ABOUT Tony Zafiropoulos

CISA Certified Tony Zafiropoulos is a  highly sought-after cybersecurity consultant and the author of Too Late, You’re Hacked! – Defending Your Small Business’ Computers and Networks. By day, Tony is an independent cybersecurity superhero protecting the computer networks of small businesses and large corporations. By night, Tony is an author, blogger, and speaker sharing his expertise on untangling hacker attacks and fortifying your computer network with bullet-proof security.