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Why perform your own vulnerability analysis?

Why do hackers want to hack you? To steal your data and reputation, so they can make money. (a criminal in Romania – $10000 is a lot of money)  or Russia – please add all countries with lax laws and legal systems.

fbi-criminals  fbi-russianexpansionintocrime

(images from black hat 2014)   My blog post at OversiteSentry  This all started with some Russian criminals figuring out they can make money using hacker techniques in the late 1990’s

How do hackers attack you?

  1. Assess first – what systems are there?
  2. What is vulnerable? (vulnerability analysis)
  3. Figure out what to attack (what will make most money/achieve goals)
  4. Exploitation – attack and go on system – steal the information
  5. Control the system leave behind programs to come back- allows the ability to use your system

Russian criminal organizations as well as other criminal organizations have automated attacks to find weak spots. If you have a weak spot it will be found.


Mandiant has developed an attack lifecycle diagram with China’s Attack hacker section of the PLA

My blogpost

Essentially – it is very easy for a hacker once they learn how to attack one computer, to attack a thousand computers.  If you have a vulnerability they will find it. and then exploit, so the only thing you can do is to employ your own hacker – an ethical hacker like us. at – check our scan solutions:

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