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Why ask for vulnerability scan?

Why audit your computer?

An ethical hacker can scan, then  “attack”  your computer or network and then tell you what is going on with any vulnerabilities.

Such as you say?  How about Ecigs that give you malware?

Advanced Threats Researcher Paul Ferguson alerted us today to a report that and Samsung have informed their consumers regarding the discovery of a Sality worm on the product’s installer disc (Samsung Frame Manager XP version 1.08). The infected installer disc is needed to use their product, the Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frames w/ 1GB Internal Memory, as a USB monitor.


What a well known manufacturer has unknowingly given malware to their customers? It happens unfortunately.


even as innocuous as an Ecig can have malware…  How? Remember my BadUSB post? October 7th I wrote about how USB devices can have inapropriate software in the firmware portion of the USb device (as in the picture below)



So the moral of the story is any device that you installed on your computer, could have been previously infected.  How does one truly know that your systems are free of infectious software?

The only way is to audit them. To have an independent party take a look at your computers and network.


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