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Vpost – POODLE resurfaces – physical hacks with raspberryPi

2nd show Fixvirus Security Show


POODLE(Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy) resurfaces –

i.e. Not just the original issue 

But the new one:

F5 has issued a list of products needing patches

You can scan your website (to see if vulnerable) from Qualys free Server test:




raspberry-fixvirusshow  Here is the screenshot of raspberry+ with wifi the hack of day: what if one of these devices is in your network (dropped off by a hacker to steal your network information)

it is a good idea to audit your network to uncover any devices that you may not be aware of. All IP addresses need to be accounted for.  

We would help your IT department in the audit process, or audit using open source security(hacker) tools, then inform you and your IT department.



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