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Think Low Trust to Solve Phishing

Is it sad that we have to not trust others anymore? But it is a necessity for surviving on the Internet these days.

Since everything is being affected by China CCP these days we have to consider low-trust society norms not high-trust society norms.

Everything needs to be validated and reviewed – as too much on the Internet can be faked.

So why am I on this rant? We in the Security industry keep harping that 91% of the attacks start with phishing attacks.

What are phishing attacks? Lies, cheating, and obfuscations. The attacker is trying to trick you into clicking on a link that is hiding it’s true purpose.

What if the attacker said the following: CLICK on this so you get ransomware! My criminal gang needs money so please click on it. Initially it will encrypt your data and then it will ask you for the money in the form of Bitcoin.

Don’t bet on it that will happen soon.

Just like in my blogpost at Oversitesentry:

Imported the Tips and tricks for phishing from oversitesentry

My new podcast in CyberCrowd podcast is up now:

Uploaded latest Cybercrowd podcast (Episode 4) Why did China Declare War on the West/USA? discussing the Exchange server hack and how it relates to China’s need to control everything. #china #cybersecurity – we have to counter this with the Cybercrowd movement

we have to realize that the CCP China is trying to run the world and they will use any means to get there including phishinh everyone. Collecting data, creating apps like TikTok to further refine their AI so that eventually they will be on top.