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Media hype on heartbleed – explaining…

Malwarebytes has a good FAQ about the Heartbleed problems we have posted in our own Blog on Oversitesentry as well.


Essentially  there are online tools (LastPass) to find out if the website you are using is vulnerable.


If vulnerable – you can assume that your communication with that site can be compromised.  (will it be?) lets discuss this, sure it may not be. So this may seem alarmism to you maybe.  the problem is there are millions of hackers on the Internet, and they are working full-time to hack you.


That is their job – they have decided to make a life of hacking. And since the Internet allows everyone to connect to each other, these criminals are trying to hack you all the time.


So yes – it may sound like alarmism, but there is a reason for this. People do get hacked, and lose their financial identity.  that is not a joke, and true there are a lot of vulnerabilities, and it seems we are saying patch this and that all the time…


But that is the new world we live in – 6 Billion people in the world, of which X are connected and Y are criminals. Y= at least a million.  Do you want to risk a million criminals attempts – and “hope” you will not get hit?

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