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Fixvirus Security show – Privacy-NetNeutrality plus improving Cybersecurity

the video itself;

Here is a story on how to improve your privacy on your iPhones


Bruce Schneier’s post on privacy in general:


We also need more Cybersecurity  We need more Ethical hackers in every company understanding the issues


Use the principle of Philotimo to be an Ethical Hacker. The friend of Honor will “do the right thing”

Also an apt Youtube video (regarding ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ)


To listen and educate yourself on the Netneutrality is:

Interesting economist (Professor Hazlett of economics) explains the Nuts and bolts of the net neutrality

Minute 44 is DSL sales growth and usage in the telecom industry.

I saw the Internet industry grow and change like Hazlett is talking about from 1996 until today

Minute 51 had an example of a Net neutrality violation (Metro PCS streaming Youtube but not others – like Netflix or Hulu)

At about an hour questions start.


As in my video – even after listening to Hazlett discuss this for an hour, I still think it will depend on the political power of the various factions. Of course the law is going to come down on NetNeutrality as well.

Hmmm  there are a 1000 phone companies in America (2-4 we can name) the rural companies get government subsidies.


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