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In the last 25 years the most common vulnerabilities are?

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Total vulnerabilities and highly critical vulnerabilities were up in 2012 after a significant downswing over the previous few years; 2012 was a record-breaking year for the number of most critical vulnerabilities, those with a CVSS score of 10.

Buffer overflows continue to be the most important type of vulnerability, with 35% of the total share of critical vulnerabilities over the last 25 years.

Interesting to note that Microsoft also has been bumped as the top vendor (highest number of vulnerabilities)

Oracle (with Java) has replaced Microsoft.

Has a discussion of a warning about an analysis about a new toolkit that makes it easier to create malware or other attacks on the Windows platform, Java, and Adobe.

This is the actual link

AVG ThreatLabs has also discussed the Cool Exploit Kit.


What does this mean? - Be extra careful of links and attachments, as new malware is being developed.

Just fixed a computer with the Harbinger 'rootkit' virus.

Typical tools used to clean the computer, plus the Kaspersky bootkit removal tool called TDSSKiller Kaspersky webpage link.

If you do decide to download from other sources (when doing a Google search on TDSSKiller sometimes one get 3rd party mirrors, then download from CNET webpage

I tried downloading from some other sources, like It was interesting how it operated, it created audio soundtracks when a browser opened. The audio was from various sound files on the computer and from ads on the Internet. The virus ran in the background (not obvious it was running, but you could hear it). The rootkit likely ran and was doing its masters bidding.

The sound was odd advertisements, shows local to the area and other random noises. It was very odd, and of course annoying. After the Kaspersky tool ran (in safemode) then the system was clean.

Also remember to patch your machines, there are a lot of Microsoft vulnerabilities coming out soon.

Here is the Microsoft Techcenter Security Bulletin list: Microsoft webpage

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