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Sigma Service


The Sigma (∑) scan consists of the Alpha scan with some additional automated tools testing and probing of your systems.

In our SVAPE&C hacker explanation this portion is the "VA"

The Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVE) are industry standards which the automated tools review on your computers and network devices to see if any vulnerabilities are on your computers.

Once we perform the Sigma Scan then  we write a report such as this one:

Here is where we use our discretion and move to the PE portion of the SVAPE&C hacker methods (if needed).

I.e. if there is an "easy" to hack problem that exists on your devices we will find it.

An older blogpost discusses a SQLinjection method:

It depends on the tested system, we may try to do some basic SQL injection methods, although if any sophisticated tests are warranted we will discuss with you before proceeding. Usually then this becomes a more advanced Omega Scan(which we would not move into without your approval).

Our Sigma Scan report page:  Remember that The Alpha Assessment has only so many steps, but the other services are custom in nature -

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