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Sigma service – Evaluation

The Sigma service consists of an Alpha service report and a potential problem analysis report

the "VA" (Vulnerability Analysis) in SVAPE&C

The Alpha assessment will drive what happens in the Sigma scan.

Here is where we have to be careful in how to proceed. Since we are the ethical hackers we will work outside of normal hours to minimize disruptions. Also strict secrecy will be followed (we do not discuss previous cases unless the customer gives written approval)


ΦΙΛΟΤΙΜΟ We believe in the Greek Principle of Philotimo - the friend of honor i.e. "do the right thing"

Check our Jan 6 YouTube video:


application service vulnerabilities will be uncovered and an attempt to bypass server defenses to take control of the server. Production will not be impacted except to stress the system a bit.

If a file was placed on the server, we will let you know and then the server compromise must be fixed by your IT department.  Our file is not malicious, only a test.  The bad guys wont be as nice.




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