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Psi service – Wifi evaluation

Psi - Ψ - the Greek Letter Psi like a WiFi antenna.

wireless wifi

Here is  where we will list the WiFi access points in your area and how our attacks worked on your system.

Here are the relevant portions from the PCI standard (PCIDSS - Payment Card industry - Digital Security Standard).


Why check for Access points in your area? If you have a fake access point it could mean trouble.

We will note whether the access points are yours or not, and whether they are on premise (these notification items are needed for PCI compliance - see below)

If a neighbor has an unencrypted connection that will be noted.

In PCI DSS standard v3.1 page 92

newest PCI DSS standard is v3.2 (2016) and located at

  • Most of the sections were not changed, some items were added for cloud and pentesting standards were  changed

11.1.c Examine output from recent wireless scans to verify that:
Authorized and unauthorized wireless access points are identified, and
The scan is performed at least quarterly for all system components and facilities.

Due to Security of previous engagements we cannot show you an actual report.  But the report will list relevant information from a hacker tool such as aircrack-ng:


(The above image is a sample from a residential neighborhood)

Aircrack-ng will list the names of all WiFi devices (the SSID) and the technology used (WEP/WPA2-PSK) the numbers to the left are the hardware identifiers of every WiFi Access Point.

Our report will indicate this snapshot of your area, as well as what we tried to hack your device. (and how successful it was)

We will never reveal to anyone the actual test results (the image result above is from a residential neighborhood view of wireless devices available)

If you notice our site does not have many details - this is on purpose as we do not reveal details to anyone but you (the client).

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