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Psi – Ψ service (WiFi)

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The Psi - Ψ  means Wi-Fi Assessment

And it means we can evaluate your WiFi security.

This is a manual labor intensive service, and it depends on what is needed. PCI Compliance requires checking your space for rogue Wifi devices. HIPAA compliance is similar but wants you to protect PHI (Personal Health Information).  The only way to do this is to perform a test attack on your wifi devices.

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just the router

We use Wireshark, a network software tool to evaluate networks, as well as Aircrack-ng, and more Linux tools (just like the hackers do).

Why perform a WiFi evaluation?

Your IT department(or your Internet Provider) may have set up a wireless device for your use, are you certain that your WiFi configuration is not hackable?

We can review your WiFi for PCI and HIPAA compliance, writing a report that discusses your encryption methods used (just like the hacker knows what you are running).

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Latest edit 06/06/2016