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Omega service – Evaluation

The Omega service (Ω) is custom in nature, and consists of the Alpha(A) and Sigma(Σ) service which is the SVA (Scan, Vulnerability, and Analysis) portion of a typical hacker attack.

Our SVAPE&C video explains the full attack cycle


Did you need a PCI compliance report?   the Omega Service can help you.

Every customer is different and we can customize our work to your needs.

For some customers there may only be a compliance need  (PCIDSS)  compliance, HIPAA compliance, or other compliance standards.

A cloud system will have different characteristics since it is based off premise and is managed by someone else.

Do you need an Internet application tested? Using OWASP  standards we perform a variety of tasks and report to you.


We can design a security architecture and procedures so that you can focus on your business. We have designed and created security policies and can show you some examples (only with prior company approval).

The problem with security projects is that we cannot discuss previous client work due to the confidential nature. We will keep your secrets secret, as well as your security situation.


Our standard T&M rates of $150/hr at 2-4 hours discovery minimum.

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