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Alpha service – Evaluation

Once we assess your computers, websites, or networks, we create a report which will allow you to make your environment safer on the Internet.

This is a sample report for a system we have evaluated recently. we do not discuss actual company results with anybody but the designated persons.

Domain Recommendation Notes -  details Turn off ftp service Upgrade IIS server – Patch system regularly Web service (http server) Remove / turn off / uninstall Frontpage extensions – if Frontpage is not being used remove, if being used consider another technology Turn off or change to ssh as soon as possible Telnet Investigate/block access with firewall Port 2222 can be used by trojan Turn off Port 20000 used for Scada – not being used here should be turned off

We are your evaluator, so we do not fix any potential problems. We can work with IT companies/personnel to make sure the vulnerability problem is resolved.

After the report is given, we wait for the fix and then evaluate again.




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